Michelle Harvey Art


My current art practice is storytelling through abstract mixed media. 

 Building history through layers and looking at what is left behind each time a layer is added or removed. Each layer is carefully considered until a story emerges. 

Images come forward and recede.  The foreground and background become interchangeable and shapes become abstracted.

Observing fleeting moments, and changes brought on by time and human activity, are all part of my art practice.



Since 2005, Melbourne artist Michelle Harvey has been running her own small business, a design brand creating original product with traditional artisan techniques. Working as a creative has helped form a strong sense of visual storytelling and a personal aesthetic connected to history and function. 

Working intuitively with what feels right has been the cornerstone of her business and ongoing art practice.

Michelle holds a Diploma of Fine Art from Latrobe Street College of Art and New Media.



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