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About Michelle Harvey

Hello! The story so far ...

I am a Melbourne-based artist, creating atmospheric and emotionally charged landscapes.

I love this space. It represents a creative pivot from running a business to becoming a practicing artist.

After completing art school while holding down a corporate day job, I started creating artwork inspired by children's drawings as gifts for friends. In 2005, this unintentionally evolved into a side hustle I named Kids With Crayons.

This led to the creation of Crayon Chick, selling handmade designs from craft markets. 15 years later and I had built a retail and wholesale small business brand attending design and trade shows in Australia, New Zealand, London and the US.

I turned to my art practice full time during COVID-19 lockdowns as a way to process the monumental changes to my business and the grief of unexpectedly losing my Dad. Staying in place led me to wild dreams of wide open spaces.

I am now fully based in my home studio, offering a core collection of my designs online and building a painting practice based on expressive and intuitive atmospheric landscapes, often created from memory.

Travel is one of my greatest passions and will always inspire my work. It connects places that live in my heart with the feeling of being witness to the beauty of nature.