Are you craving travel? I am. Travel is my thing. And I know we'll get back in the air again soon and until then my art practice is providing all the inspiration and creative sparks I need for now.

My latest pieces are a response to my constant yearn for travel. 

To wander, to explore, to travel. To follow a wonky path into an ancient old village, to discover stories beneath layers of history. To set out early with comfy shoes and a map with eyes wide open to soak in all the sights and sounds. Fly me away, TAA!


Abstract painting with taupe, navy blue and rose pink colours.

'Wanderlust' 30cm x 30cm abstract mixed media on canvas.

Includes collage elements from a gloriously stamped page of a passport.


'She Left The Hotel Early The Next Morning' 30cm x 30cm abstract mixed media on canvas.

Exploring old stone buildings, drinking the local brew, getting caught in the rain, jumping on a train and checking timetables. How much do you love discovering new places!


Now on display ... SQUARES 2021
You can see both paintings in real life as part of the Strathnairn Arts presents SQUARES 2021 - the 15th People’s Choice Exhibition/Competition. All works are available from the Woolshed Gallery and online during the exhibition, opens 29 July to 22 August.




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