'She Sells Seashells' 
30cm x 30cm mixed media on board, framed


Ah Pinterest. You are one of the MVPs in my art box.

For those who came in late, Pinterest is an online pinboard. Basically. And who doesn't love a pinboard. A mood board. A visual journal. Who didn't cover their bedroom walls in posters, their office cubicles with postcards and other non-corporate visual ephemera. I did. Even with one foot deeply misplaced on the wrong career path, I still managed to express my creativity somehow.


It's also an interesting way to see what your visual influences are and what informs your visual language.


I post pins I have an immediate response to and then look back to see any patterns or themes that tie them together. Recently, I've been truly amazed to see how much pinks and blues I'm subconsciously drawn to. In a million years I would never have said they were my colours!



Sometimes it's hard to know what we are drawn to because we just love all the things and it can be confusing.  Can't see the forest for the trees, so to speak.

If you are looking at your art practice, and wondering what your style is, what your visual language is, then I couldn't recommend Pinterest more as a place to start.


Pinterest board 'All The Colours - Coral | Blush | Terracotta'


Pinterest board 'All The Colours - Teal | Aqua | Blue'


Pinterest board 'Michelle Harvey Art'


Pinterest board 'Crayon Chick Studio'





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