Remember when you were a kid and Summer felt like a big, defining period of time? You had three months of freedom to play in the pool, hang with your best friends, and only come home to grab dinner and snacks before heading out again on your bike. 


Camping out in your own backyard used to be one of Summer's greatest pleasures.


I'm having a deep moment with nostalgia and it's all tied up (oops, pun!) with summer camping and being in tune with my current affinity towards a summer camp aesthetics inspiring my new look Weave Bowl



Roughing it? Not quite. This refined look takes on rugged outdoor gear bringing old-school tents, blankets, and more into stylish new territory.



Whether or not summer camp was a part of your childhood memories, it’s not difficult to pull together a visual: wood-sided cabins, fire pits, the sun setting over a lake. Canvas striped camp stools. Tube socks and shell necklaces!


It’s romantic, nostalgic, and fun.


I'm feeding this romance on Pinterest board called Summer Camp with fun and gorgeous images of vintage paint by numbers, pennants and timber framed tennis racquets. Colour, of course, takes centre stage, with pops of primary hues throughout the board. 


Image: left - Motorbike Tire Shop

Nostalgia has always been with me through the products I have created for Crayon Chick and now through my artwork. An exhibition last summer called 'Coasting' included a series of work based on the sunny striped canvases of the French seaside, 'Les Toiles du Soleil' available online here. All my childhood summer camp memories came flooding back. 





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