I became aware of an amazing fundraising initiative last year called the Incognito Art Show. So many artists I admire were all secretively and mysteriously creating work and keeping it under wraps, teasing with their participation but not revealing their artwork. 

Above: 'Summer Grass'
14.8cm x 21cm, mixed media on card

Incognito then exhibited the artwork, all postcard sized (A5) pieces. The Twist? The identity of each artist is kept anonymous when the artwork is exhibited.  Only once purchased will the artist's identity by revealed on the reverse side of the work.

So many people were involved and I was desperate to join in.

Roll on 2022 and I registered. My pack didn't arrive until the week before the cutoff. The universe, that cheeky mistress, always testing my ability to pull a rabbit out of thin air at the last minute. Good under pressure, I've been told (insert eye roll emoji here). But I had been making my own A5 studies and was ready to go. And honestly, sometimes the less time to think, the better the art.

Above: 'Summer Front'
14.8cm x 21cm, mixed media on card

My work was delivered in the nick of time, and sold on the first day. All funds raised are donated to Studio A; an arts company that provides professional development for artists with intellectual disabilities.
There were over 1000 people donating more than 3,500 works and to be part of that was such a fabulous experience.

Above: 'Blue Ranges'
14.8cm x 21cm, mixed media on card

Also, I created 3 new landscapes in a small format on paper which has inspired me to create more. As I sit here writing this, I have some pages prepped and my painting apron is on. I can't wait to see what happens.


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