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Shackle cuff bracelets in fawn


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I love a cuff and always have a number of bracelets layered on my wrist. The bolder, the better and I just love the strong, bold clasps that feature in this range. 

These pieces, inspired by paracord survival bracelets, are the perfect unisex accessory for an urban adventurer. 

What is a survival bracelet? Glad you asked, survival bracelets were made from parachute cord, a lightweight nylon rope originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II. The knot used would reduce the length of cord into a bracelet length. In a survival situation, you could unravel your bracelet and have access to a life-saving length of cord.

The Shackle Cuff Bracelet, features an impressive stainless steel D-shackle, a screw clasp with three adjustment settings. The decorative knot used is quite firm and creates a pleasingly solid braid.

Size:   21cm long x 1.5cm wide (shackle has settings for 19cm, 20cm and 21cm length)